Clean Body. Clean Beauty.

M’lis is the spa and wellness solutions provider for cleansing and beautifying the body. We like to keep things simple, pure and easy to use. Our wellness products are carefully crafted with natural ingredients, sourced from around the country. Over the last thirty years our company objective has remained the same—create lasting beauty by first building clean, healthy bodies. Clean body. Clean beauty.

Hot, New, and Best Selling Products

Skin Purifying Duo

Formulated to penetrate pores for the deepest cleanse possible without over drying the skin or causing further irritation.

Daily Antioxidant Protection

Look and feel your best with this daily dietary supplement mix. Each serving of Daily Antioxidant Essentials contains 20 superfoods, and is packed with the essential vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants, and phytonutrients a great tasting, natural berry flavor on-the-go.

Tissue Repair Cream

The science of natural ingredients, perfected to make your skin beautiful again.


Feeding America

m’lis Heart Healthy Essentials helps protect against the onset and progression of cardiovascular disease.



“everyone  said it was the most incredible thing they had ever witnessed…. 

Thanks for this awesome product!”



“M’lis and the Candida program has changed the way I look at food forever more. I look at food as a way to fuel my body in healthy ways now. This has been such a great experience for me. I’ve lost over 17 lbs in 30 days! I’ve learned so much about my body & I’ve overcome many trials and temptaions. I thought it would be a few body wraps and a couple of detox’s but it has now become my new lifestyle. Thank you M’lis for giving me my life back and my excitement about being healthy & fit.”



“In 30 days my digestion problems have ceased. I am no longer sick when I eat. I do not have constipation or diarhea any longer. All of the uncomfortable pain and bloating is gone. My allergies have improved as well. I no longer need an allergy medication. No more itchy eyes, running nose or scratchy throat. I have more energy. I even lost 15 pounds! At the risk of sounding cliché, I really have been given my life back!”